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If You Keep Digging is a moving collection of short stories, which
will resonate with a South African audience. The selection of stories
highlights marginalised identities and looks at the daily lives of
people who may otherwise be forgotten or dismissed.
‘Monkeys’ is a skilful commentary on domestic violence, toxic
masculinity, patriarchy (and how it is racialised), power dynamics
between white and black men and how children come to ‘know’
that they are white or black. ‘Skinned’, whose protagonist is a
woman with albinism, is a powerful story about learning to accept
that you deserve love when the world constantly tells you otherwise.
In ‘Fourteen’ the author deftly demonstrates the ability to play
with concepts of time and reality. It is a compelling story about
potential and how one can feel unfulfilled despite having hopes and
The collection is also deeply concerned with covering the early postdemocracy
years in South Africa. Each of the characters deals with
questions around the ‘new’ country. The book implores one to think
about diverse topics and perspectives, difficult family relationships,
abandonment, social and class issues, power dynamics at school and
at work, mental illness, witchcraft, sexuality, domestic abuse and the
ancestral realm, among other things.


Keletso Mopai is a South African storyteller who was born and
raised in Lenyenye Township, Limpopo. Her stories appear in highly
regarded publications including The Johannesburg Review of Books,
DRUM, Omenana Magazine, Brittle Paper, The Kalahari Review
and The Ebedi Review. She was shortlisted for the 2017 Writivism
Prize and was a finalist for the 2018 Africa Book Club Competition.
Keletso has a Bachelor of Science honours degree in geology.

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