About Blackbird Books

Blackbird Books was founded in August 2015 by publisher Thabiso Mahlape.
Its launch was a ground-breaking move for the South African literary landscape and since its inception we’ve been pioneering and establishing a home for new African narratives, especially for black authors.

Blackbird Books is concerned with publishing stories that cut to the core and reflect the African experience. We provide this platform to brilliant authors, concentrated on young black authors, who would otherwise not have the opportunity to tell the stories that shape and showcase the wealth of their African experiences. We pride ourselves in being a launchpad for black narratives that would otherwise not get the attention they deserve.

The scope of the stories we publish have allowed Blackbird Books to entertain a variety of readers across demographics. This decision has enabled us to excavate aboriginal narratives without compromising the authenticity of the stories. The presence of Blackbird Books over the last five years and the visibility of its owner-publisher Thabiso Mahlape have encouraged a wave of literary interest in South Africa. It can be seen in the burgeoning book-club environment and the wave of self-published authors who draw inspiration from Blackbird Books and its ground-breaking journey.

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