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Maxine escapes an abusive polygamous marriage to a man much
older than her to make a new life in Harare, Zimbabwe. The story
follows the five madams she works for. Through them, we see the
struggles of women trying to hold down careers and relationships in
a big city where tradition, patriarchy, domestic abuse and unhealthy
societal behaviours form a backdrop. While Maxine bears witness
to the women’s lives, she also tries to work through her own issues,
finding a way to free herself of the cruel man she married and
experience meaningful relationships.
The book explores women learning about and seeking the love they
feel they deserve. Whether self-love or romantic love, each woman
must find the courage to believe in and hold onto that love. Through
Maxine’s narration, the intricacies of the relationship women share
with their helpers are uncovered. These relationships reveal the truth
that women can discover themselves via their friendships with other

Makanaka Mavengere-Munsaka was born and raised in
Zimbabwe and graduated with an accounting degree. She worked
within the finance field for 14 years before she decided to remove
her corporate hat and follow her true calling – storytelling. She
currently resides in South Africa. Perfect Imperfections is her debut

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