Nwelezelanga: The Star Child


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Nwelezelanga, The Star Child travels a magical and spiritual journey that merges the ancestral realms with contemporary realities. It is a story of an ancestral spirit that is born through Nwelezelanga, who is tasked with the purpose to pass messages from beyond; a divine responsibility to children of the star. The birth of Nwelezelanga was foreseen by the wise ones of the tribes and hidden in folktales and abstract proverbs. However, forces of black magic and the underworld had clandestine intentions to interfere with her divine destiny and will undignified death upon her birth.

‘Absolute-truth’ reveals that there is birth within death.The story explores how forces of the upper- and underworld, light and darkness, the known and the unknown unravel to determine her destiny. ‘Magubeni handles the sacred subject in a way that neither slants nor meddles. For this reason, when African traditionalists learn of Magubeni’s book they will be nervously curious but will discover that they needn’t have been. It will be a rare gift for the scholars, and we ordinary readers will not remember our lives before Magubeni happened.’ – Thando Mgqolozana, author of A Man Who is Not a Man, Unimportance and Hear Me Alone