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“Curious Candice wandered into the room. She flipped a switch and the fluorescent light bulb bathed the room in cold white light. A laptop had been left on the kitchen table, along with a half-eaten sandwich and an empty glass. Countless white papers also lay scattered all over the floor. Someone had been very busy writing.

Like rose petals leading to the bedroom, the loose leaves on the floor invited her curiosity to the next room. The light flickered. Candice looked up at the bulb in the ceiling as it dimmed for the second time. She frowned when she heard that strange sound again coming from the bedroom. She opened the door slowly and was hit by a stench that would upset even the strongest stomachs.

Candice stood gaping into the room. Both hands flew to her mouth; she found herself in the grip of the invisible fingers of the horror which lay before her. The sight of the bloody mess caused her heart to beat a wild rhythm.”

The storyteller becomes the story in this psychological thriller. Bandile Ndala, a once-successful author who now struggles with substance abuse, anxiety and depression. Further rejection of his most written work causes him to lose his tenuous grip on reality, career and family and descend into a living nightmare.

He is desperately searching for inspiration so he can make a much-needed comeback. The reader is privy to the inner workings of Bandile’s mind as he thinks about writing, struggles to eventually produce something meaningful.

When his publishing agent brings him a concept on the impact of past mistakes on the present, he finds a second chance .This is the only shot he’s got left in the chamber. Will this be his last sentence?


Tumelo Buthelezi is from Sebokeng in the Vaal. He’s a founding member of the Ink Gallery, a movement that promotes an interest in reading through the books he has written.

This is his debut novel.

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